Content Management System

Content Management System or CMS

Sounds fancy…and expensive. What does it mean?

I will try to use layman’s term here coz I can’t find anything on the internet about it that makes you more…confused.

At the early years of the internet (early 80s), the HTML is the popular programming for a website. It was and still is ok today but… it usually if not always requires the services a web programmer to edit, update and delete the contents of your web pages (like updating simple photos and text). Of course this makes the web programmer happy and not the website owner because maintaining a web guy is costly.



Like a miracle, “lo and behold!” the CMS has arrived, specially designed so that the simple folks can update their sites and render the web maintenance guy obsolete.

The CMS has a CONTROL PANEL or a DASHBOARD just like a car, or COCKPIT if you want it fancier-sounding.

You can Log in with a user name and password and then the CMS will take you to your DASHBOARD.


Your DASHBOARD has big buttons and simple-to-understand text and titles keeping in mind that the user of such is a NON-TECHNICAL person. You will not encounter any coding or heavy jargons here, all is done on the background. PRETTY COOL STUFF huh?!

(the DASHBOARD is not seen by anyone but you)


(the front of the website has a different design than that of the DASHBOARD)


COST WISE? A little bit expensive, maybe double than the usual HTML because the CMS is database-driven, you can edit at will, anytime, anywhere and you’re trying to render the web guy obsolete at the same time (kidding..).


Yup. The CMS has been updated to connect to the new trend, SOCIAL MEDIA. (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, FlickR, etc.) unlike the HTML ( you can if you do special programming to it which makes it more expensive). All you POSTS, and PAGE edits can be instantly posted on your Social Media at the push of a button. (notice the Share this: buttons)


We can make you a CMS WORDPRESS website for only Php 25,000

Email for more details or visit the CONTACT PAGE

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